Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Good Morning Children!

Did the electricity go out at anyone's residence yesterday? If it does in the near future (or distant one..either way wtv) NEVER light disk candles. It's the long and cylindrical way to go. The ladies will agree with me on that one.

The season finale of Castle was on yesterday. It was a cool case what with that whole spy game re-enactment and all. It's renewed for season three but I hope that's where it ends. If they push it for a fourth season they might lose their viewership and besides, three times the charm right?

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Treader's trailer is out. It's just Lucy and Edmund this time. I'm on my third Narnia book now..sort of on par with the number of movies made. Makes me feel important. There are cameo performances from William Moseley and That Chick Who plays Susan. Ben Barnes is in this one as well FTW!

Now I have to do research on the brain. Bet you didn't know you had one. Yeah I didn't know you had one either.(please don't leave the blog! Give me dagger eyes when you see me next instead!)

I just downloaded CHUCK. It sounds interesting with it's Geek meets CIA agent angle. I will let you know about it once I'm done watching it.

I'm still waiting for The Ways of Seeing to come in the post. I even ordered Geektastic. But TWOS will come earlier.

AHH there is so much to do! And too much sloth in this world to make it happen!
I had this super weird dream about being locked up in this grocery store and having to escape. It'll make for a grossing horror movie one day.
That's all little sponges.


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