Saturday, August 14, 2010

Farewell and back again

Greetings all! I am pleased to announce that The Daddy Blog has moved to Tumblr.
So view it and keep viwing it when it is updated.
If you are reading this I thank you for staying with The Daddy for so long.
Much love to you Sponges!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You don't need a license to drive a sandwich

It's always good to pursue one's passions. A passion is what keeps a person strong and devoted. A passion causes love and compassion..that's passion with a 'com'. Passions must be treated with care. Passions are the most important in our lives. They define us.One does a lot for one's passion (starting by referring to oneself as 'one')
That's why I woke up at 7.45 a.m. to watch The Spongebob SquarePants Movie.
Because that's when it was airing.
HBO lied and said that Hairspray would air next but then all they aired was The Shepherd.
But Spongebob was brilliant.
The brilliance of the TV series was retained while giving it a motion picture feel.
Do watch it!
I urge you.

Well it's 10.20 a.m. now....I think I'll go back to sleep

Hail The Sponge!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have to say that AfterShock "London" (yea right) has a brilliantly stupid policy about not allowing the customers to take pictures of themselves wearing their products inside the store.

But before the rotting-brained sales lady (or...) told me of this humongously ridiculous policy I had already captured the picture and when she did infact tell me about this atrociously idiotic policy, I told her I had deleted it. (But I really hadn't..SHH)

I just returned from watching Despicable Me. Everything about this movie is brilliant.Even the Tron Legacy Trailer in the interval. They play it for all the 3D movies.

The Minions are lovely. Agnes can grow fungus on her toes for all I care. But Vector is brilliant.

"Victor was my nerd name...I AM NOW VECTOR!" Sigh beautiful.

I want a SquidGun now.
You can get it too here..or other stuff

Dr. Gru is a CG animated version of Heinz Doofenshmertz..DOOF DOOF.

I am almost done reading Adventures in Wonderland. I love this edition that I'm reading. It has the original illustrations by John Tenniell (the guy who drew the original illustrations for Adventures in Wonderland). And yes it has a Lee DeWyze bookmark.

Tonight I shall paint the veins! (if you get this sentence you are me)

That is all I have to offer for your knowledge.

Goodbye Sponges!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chipped Little Toe In My Jazz Shoes

It was a beautiful morning. My parents left for the weekend. Me being the only child means I get the house all to myself( rubbing it in people-with-siblings' faces)...unless you count my good for nothing slightly manic depressive cat.
So my friend and I went around the city to shoot pictures of's for this project I have.
It was lovely.
I thought it wise to wear my jazz shoes today. They have a slightly higher heel than is normal..
my thoughts were not as wise as I thought them to be.

My phone is vibrating in all it's vibration glory.

Since Subway was filled to the brim with face stuffers we decided to let the crowd clear and went to Marks and Spencer which just happened to be in our line of vision. My dearest friend had her first thrilling experience of trying on a pair of GORGEOUS shoes. Here...tell her she looks fabulous in them please (so that I don't have to)

We went to Subway and had the most amazing food. Mine was brilliant anyway. My friend seemed to enjoy her's as well..with the finger lickin' and all..wait that's KFC..

After we were stacked up gastronomically..we went to buy button badges. You see I have this dirt stain on my Pride flag and am rather lazy to go and get it dry cleaned. Therefore, I had this idea to put on these rainbow-peace-smiley ones on it.

By this time my feet were bits of fluff.

Then we proceeded to Accessorize. There I saw this brilliant Union Jack bag which I can never have. That reminds me..I also saw a Union Jack poster which read 'Be Cool Stay Calm'.
Or something. It was pretty neat.
I think I will make this Union Jack Bag.

Then there was also love at Swatch and Sisley. The yellow skinny jeans at Sisley are on my radar now.

The Swatch love is a secret love. Shh.

Oh right and in the morning..before it all began(The beginning of time really), I wished to purchase this plain white canvas bag. It's an eco bag and a scarf comes free with it. Super awesome brilliant ecstatic deal for a mere rupees 180. But the shop was closed. It's like never reaching a climax when you know it's right there...
So guess what I bought instead..?

If you guessed this then we are thought twins

Then finally when all was done...I got my Eco bag. (with the free scarf)

Then it was time to edit edit EDIT!
Also time to refuel. It's essential.
Therefore it was Coffee Bean and Tea-Leaf.

I mentioned there being an LGBT sandwich at Coffee Bean..or if I didn't then I did..just now.
Honestly I'm very pleased with Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf for putting up a sandwich like this. It gets people to accept the differences in our society in a subtle way.

Well all in all it was a marvellous day. I haven't shopped till I dropped for a long time.
My friends filled with awesome are Juhi Pande and Rashmi Punjabi or Rashmi Punjabi and Juhi Pande.
You have no idea how much I suffer for mere name placements.

The following is an extra of all the brilliance that the Palladium is made of.

Hail The Sponge!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


The much coveted shades are bought.
*inhale deeply and exhale....slowly*
So I just wanted the yellow ones at first..but then I tried on the pink ones and those looked good too. So I decided to buy both. The logical and obvious choice of course.
Then as I proceeded further on the shopping avenue..or path more likely..I came across these turquoise blue glasses..LOVE
So there you have it. My materialistic sunglass fetish.
Oh and I had a very strange dream about someone..I'm not going to reveal who it was. You know..keep the mystery alive and all that.

I'm two stories in Geektastic now. It's pretty cool so far.
I shall go to purchase a new micro-wave oven today as the one I currently own is unfit for daily use.
Or something like that.
That is all I have to share.

Hail The Sponge!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Once a Geek..Always Aweosme

Guess what just arrived in the mail!!
I have been waiting for this for about a month now and it's finally here!
I can't believe it.'s a collection of stories by authors including John Green and Cassandra Clare.
I shall begin reading it now.
Hail The Sponge!

Leia in Vogue

The day has begun with sunshine =)
Yesterday I felt a tad bit vain so I decided to go to the salon to get a head massage and a hair wash.
First my hair was massaged in oil. Then I had to be put under a steam helmet or whatever those things are called and the attendants(yes they are called that..because minions is a rude word) put these black ear covers on my ears to protect from the steam which immediately transformed me into Princess Leia. HAIR MASSAGE STAR-WARS TRANSFORMATION FTW!!!
Then there was a hair wash. That was followed by a hair drying session.
It was beautiful.

Ofcourse the attendant kept on incessantly poking at my 'sideburns' and how they would grow thicker if I shave them. Someone needs to gently remind her that I AM NOT A MAN. Or not so gently perhaps....

I was reading The Age Issue of Vogue which sports Cameron Diaz on the cover. It has quiet lovely articles on keeping up with age the natural way. Because that takes real effort I think. (I DO!). There is also a lot written about the obsessive need to remain thin all the time. I'm doing a video about that sometime soon. It's a very strong topic I must say.

It's a Subway Salad for lunch today mostly!

That is all Sponges!!

Later <3
*thumbs up*

Friday, July 30, 2010

Alfalfa and The Squeaky Shoes.

Meet Alfalfa. He is also known as Alfred. (on days when the sun does not rise in the east)
Alfred is a Chabot/LoBot/Black-glitter-robot....whatever works for you.
Alfalfa likes to dip biscuits in his tea.
Alfs is here to impart the message that you can only change for yourself (that's what it says in the manual) look into those glittering black eyes and you believe yourself.
And that is the best kind there is. (Besides believing in the power of The Sponge.)
Be Alfalfa's friend and he will make you love you so that you can pass it on. Decently.
Say Hi Alfalfa!
Oh yea and I made him :D

OH MY GOD It's a gumboots <---That is correct grammar yo
These are the gumboots. Wellington boots if you must. Or if you really must then Gumboot Wellies.
I need them for University. It's going to be raining in the UK and I've always wanted to own a pair of Gumboots *Shrek voice*

Oh I have another project that I'm doing. This is a self project. So I shall finish it and then reveal it's wonderful properties to your rod and cone cells.

I sincerely hope that your day goes on to bear the ripest of fruit.

(The above was an inside joke. Kindly proceed with oblivion)

Later Sponges!

Retro Wings at Disco

I'm currently on season 2 episode 3 of Doctor Who. It's pretty good so far. I really liked Christopher Eccleston..until David Tennant came along and then it was Eccleston Who.

I feel hippie today. Therefore I attached the bow,cats and heart (it's from Spongebob's lost and found) to the angel wing necklace.
Angel wings are so very fascinating.

Speaking of which, I highly recommend Angelology by Danielle Trussoni as a top read. It's highly fast paced, emotive and has a wonderfully strong ending. It will be the subject of your dreams for atleast a week after you have finished reading it.
The website I love right now is It is fabulous and it would really mean alot to the Sponge and I if you were to check it out.

Now I leave to go shopping for gumboots. They are a necessity and I refuse to accept Crocs as their substitutes.

That said I might visit a friend of mine..again..that reminds me..I have to count stars tonight.

That is all from this dimension Sponges.

Love love peace.

P.S. I just found out that my friend is ill with Malaria. May the Sponge absorb all the evil residing in her (actually I really think it shouldn't because then it'll absorb her fully)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Certain Wraps and Marching Straps

It's sunny in the morning and I have a truckload of things planned out. But it's 2.48 pm now and that all gets washed down. Because IT'S RAINING! your after glow.

So a friend of mine asked me to go with him to buy his girlfriend's friend this birthday gift because his girlfriend was ill and he wanted to buy a really awesome gift because he wanted to get into both their pants.
That aside..instead of buying awesome stuff for her..which I pointed out..he refused all the ones that I chose...I ended up buying a marching band waistcoat for myself and a wrap.
Today I'm going to buy yellow Raybans because they are so brilliant and I couldn't resist them when I saw them...Oh here they are.

Tomorrow I hope to go and buy the rainbow badges to cover the dirt stain on my Pride flag.

The picture will be in the next post.

There is also this brilliant Tumblr that I discovered called . Feel free to join it as it is brilliantly satisfying as far as visual orgasms are concerned.

All in all it was a fabulous 6 hours of existence and still counting.

I shall go to the salon now for my eyebrows need to be urgently maintained.

Peace out Sponges.

<3 Awesomeness :D

Monday, July 26, 2010


So here is a story that I wrote while making tea. It is amazing how much leaves can contribute to brain activity.

A Way of Dying.

I first saw her at the gates. They were your conventional cemetery gates; made of wrought iron and monumental.
She just stood there looking at me with those placid grey eyes. The fog around her was dense. She seemed to be it's creation- the child of the atmosphere.
I was drawn to her- her posture, her high boots, her raven long hair and those piercing placid grey eyes.
In the light of the moon she looked like a dream; glowing like a dying star.
I walked towards her and she stood still. If the soft breeze didn't make her hair dance, I would have sworn that she was a statue.
It seemed like a lifetime till I reached her. To gaze into those placid grey eyes.


The moonlight guided my gaze towards him. His ruby red hair glistening in the silver rays. He was like a shadow- A radiant shadow that destroyed all the others around it.
We didn't even need to speak; he knew what to do. All I had to do was wait as he drifted towards me.


Ralph snapped back to reality. He was living his dream. She was captured within his arms now- like a butterfly in it's larva. And yet she held the ferocity of a bird of prey- one that could vanish at any moment.
She seemed to fit into him perfectly- and yet she seemed miles away.
Ralph wanted to comfort her, to tell her it was going to be alright in the end, but his conscience forbade him from doing so. She was much too precious.
Ralph knew she was in misery. That some part of her was not with him. But he savoured every little bit of her. Every little bit that he had- right there in his arms.

He had only met her moments ago and yet he felt as if he knew her for all his existence.
"Who are you?," he whispered
Her placid grey eyes gazed into his. They shone so bright and looked so cold that Ralph suppressed a shiver.
She laced her fingers through his hair-pulling his face towards her. Their foreheads touched.
Ralph felt a surge of energy pass through him. He sealed his eyes shut.
Foreign images flashed through his mind. There was blueness-and patterns of gold. The form sunlight takes under water.
Everything was so peaceful and yet Ralph couldn't ignore that unnerving sensation of suffocation-of having life sucked out of his very lungs.


Ralph opened his eyes with a start. He was gasping for air the way a person drowning might.
He glanced about him. Disoriented for a moment. It all came back to him when he saw her- those placid grey eyes and that raven black hair.

"Evangeline," he said- That was all that he could say.

Evangeline smiled as she knelt down beside him.

"31" is all she said as she closed Ralph's eyes as he drifted off into a deep slumber.


I met her every night after that one. At the same time- the same place- in the same way.
The electricity grew stronger with every day.
We never spoke a word to each other- There was never any need.
The only thing she would say was "31"....and always before I fell asleep and awoke in my bed the next morning.

The days passed like clouds on a windy day. I felt at home with was ecstasy.


Ralph woke up to a gloomy day. The room was so dark that it took a while for his eyes to adjust.
As he got out of his bed his feet brushed against silk. He felt around for the object and his hands caught a rose. It had a frayed black ribbon tied to it with a small piece of paper.
It was a part of a calendar-his calendar-and the date said 31.
That was today.


Ralph hurried down the coblestone path towards the cemetery. He was late.
He couldn't bear the thought of missing even a single moment with Evangeline. He held the rose tightly in his hand. The thorns cut into his skin-drops of blood stained the paper crumpled around the stem.
He reached the gates and arrived at their usual meeting place. Evangeline was nowhere to be seen.
Ralph leaned against a gravestone. It's cold marble was soothing to his skin.
He gazed out towards the lake that guarded the cemetery. The moonlight caused the steely surface to glow with an ethereal light.
That's when he saw her. Her long lustrous raven black hair. It was Evangeline. Her back was towards him but her knew it was he. She was a part of him now and he knew himself better than anyone else.

He started towards her but as he stepped forward something pulled him back.
Ralph looked at his feet. There was a chain- made of a glowing white metal. It held onto him- it's other end attached to the gravestone he was leaning on.
Ralph looked up helplessly towards Evangeline. He wanted to call out to her- to say her name- but she was already looking at him. Her grey eyes were now blue. They were a blue that of sapphires and a deeply oxygenated sky.
She smiled at him sadly as she walked deeper into the water. Her hair surrounded her like a blanket of dark ink.
Within minutes she vanished-under the surface of the water- like a shadow in the dark.


Ralph sank to the ground. He couldn't breathe. The air was being sucked out of his lungs. It was Evangeline- she was dying. And somehow part of him was dying too.
He gasped and gasped relentlessly until finally he exhaled- the final breath his living part would donate to this world.
The chain around his ankle had vanished. Ralph tasted sour in his mouth. He looked about him, trying to make sense of the situation- to verify if it was real.
His eyes fell on the cool marble of the gravestone.
It was so perfectly clear to him now-so simple-so beautiful.
Before him lay the gravestone of
Evangeline Grey
Lover of Ralph Augustine
September 3rd 1973- 31st October 1993.

Friday, July 23, 2010

View IT!

So I've joined this new collaboration channel on YouTube called MyPlanetViews. If you are a member of the YouTube Community please subscribe to this channel. There are 15 of us from all over the world and we make videos on world issues. We are currently introducing the team members so you can view the videos as and when they are uploaded. It'll be awesome I promise.

Here is a link to my intro video:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We are under SEIGE.

Well I saw The Sorcerer's Apprentice again yesterday. I can watch it a million times. It's brilliant.
I think I may go for Inception today..for the second time. I need to catch up on some sleep anyway.
Don't get me wrong, it was a terrific movie but know...

Oh right.
Bizz Lightyear invasion has commenced people!
There are Lightyears EVERYWHERE. Well at two places but that's still AWESOME.

Angelology is finally terminating. After that I can get it on with Percy Jackson and Alice. Erotic.

I want a dream Totem.
I wonder what I can use for it. I would very much appreciate suggestions.

Sigh. Today I must have a word with a person and tell her that I cannot participate in this thing that she wants me to participate in. It really involves more than one word.

More updates to hit you in the future.
Horoscope by ChaiWala.

Later Sponges.

His name is *POOF*

The most interesting aspect of a cube is that it is relatively uninteresting.

Yea I don't get it either.
Why would you find something that is, in fact NOT of interest (objectively) interesting in the first place?
Why can't you find buttons interesting? They hold together fabric...that is so cool.
I for one think buttons rule.

Apparently alteration and extension are two sides of the same coin. And if they ultimately mean the same thing then doesn't the coin become one sided? Paradox...makes you think..which is another paradox in itself.

The sky should urinate dry ice. Then we would have fog. Fog makes window panes look like winter wonderland portal..especially on weekends.


I need to do so many things and the rain is but the only hindrance..THE ONLY ONE!

I am critically analyzing a lecture at the moment. As exhilarating as that may is rather ...exhilarating. (No I did not learn that word mother taught it to me whilst I was cleaning the bed upon which my cat thought it wise to shed some fur)


That's all for now Sponges! Oh yea Charlie is recording an album to be released this year. WOOT right?


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh Snap

Dailybooth! Here


So a friend of mine named Tariq is doing this new project called The Refocus Project where all those who participate (in whatever way you do) strive to rid the world of hunger.
What you have to do is everytime you hear a crappy piece of celeb gossip and are enlightened about stuff that doesn't matter; go to the sites listed in the dooblydoo (crotchbar) below the video (link above) and answer questions. For every correct answer that you give, you donate 10 grains of rice to the Hungry.
If you don't want to test your brains, you can go to the other sites below and donate at the click of a button.
In august, tell us how much you have given by posting a video of yourself in response to this video or that of Tariq's.
Let's make people fatter!!! Eating is good!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pande Diwas and blah.

So here it is....HAPPY BIRTHDAY PANDE!

I also got a Stretch figurine!! Woohoo!!
And I want to watch The Sorcerer's apprentice!
Alright...I have this new project coming up..I'll tell you about it in the next blog.

Hail hail Sponges!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


The Last Airbender is BRILLIANT!

Aang and Sokka have their names pronounced differently..which is fine because Aang is pronounced correctly. The bending is missing in some scenes where the characters are doing their Tai-Chi moves. BUT I DON"T CARE 'COZ THE MOVIE RULES!!

Oh and Katara is pretty...she has Lucy from Narnia's nose.

Peace peace Sponges!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Meet Fwap.
Fwap is a drogonfly.
He is the last of his kind. Rather exotic.
Yoda has called dibs on Fwap. He hasn't touched his regular dinner.
Fwap is his rare novelty.
So we welcome Fwap and appreciate the fact that he finds his posterior fit to be shown off.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Paul Pulp

This is absolutely devastating.

Some rich bloke should order Paul for dinner.

It's because he 'predicts' shit like this is why the teams get demoralised and lose!

It was supposed to be Germany. It was perfectly planned my head.

Anyway. Now my side shifts to Netherlands because I don't care for the Spanish.

Well maybe I do..for their pretty eyes and cool food.

That's all for now.

Love Love Spongies.

Go Die Paul.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I just wanted to report that I got into the MyPlanetViews collaboration channel on YouTube.
Check it out HERE:
So woohoo!!
Later Spongies!


It rained today.
I went to college and painted.
On a piece of friggin' air.
We couldn't use brushes so it was all strings cotton and sponges. :S
I had weird people approach me from the junior classes (the subspecies) and tell me that they were my mothers. I have no idea what instigated that.
And now I cannot go to the gym because my mother needs the car and I refuse to take another cab in the rain.
It is a sunny blog isn't it?
Kellogs K!!!
Later Little Spongies!

P.S. I shall make apple pie again today. Pictures will be up!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crunchy Flakes of Scorn

Today I was indoors. I refuse to set out in the rain. I hate the rain. Stupid rain.
I'm crunching on Kellog's Special K now and am reading The Ways of Seein by John Berger ( not becuase I want to but because I am COMPELLED to.)(Summer project)
I was stuck in the house for so long that I couldn't go to college for an audition.
cough. (and now I am sick.)
TOY STORY 3! I am finally going for it. The mother shall accompany me as none of my friends prefer to be seen in public with me. (for that particular movie)
The 5AwesomeGays got a mail suggesting that they recall their homophobic experiences.
ShoutOut to Izzy!: Love the fan-fic Fly-Pod! :D
Angelology is freakishly like The Mortal Instruments Trilogy books. The Bosch references, the division of the book into three spheres and most gorgeous of all THE NEPHILIM.
Read it yes? Great!
Post your comments on twitter!
Oh and just to keep in with the title of the blog post : Scorn.Crunch.
Later Sponges!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crumble Town

The glucose biscuits I'm eating taste odd. It's probably the texture of my tongue.

VidCon is here! Almost.

Today my mother discovered an article in the paper that pointed out locations where one can purchase gumboots. And also a rainy-day trenchcoat. So shopping trip for that. (I love it when the materialistic tendedncies overtake me)

I still want the Wonka Glasses though..RayBan put them out of production after the Halley's comet was sighted in 1986.

I want to play Super Mario Galaxy.

Right. I Hate Luv Storys is a garbage dump of a film. Do not I repeat DO NOT submit yourself to torture while watching it.

Of all the themes they had to stick to the nauseating cliche of the film industry. Sonam Kapoor speaks in orgasms and Imran Khan's legs and posterior are the only things worth living for. Originality is highly lacking here among other things such as entertainment, talent and good looks.

If you watch it as an in-flight movie which by the looks of it should be available for viewing by next week at the most, do keep the barf-bag close by.

Apple Pie! I just need Maple syrup, Cinnamon powder and soft butter to make it.

I will this weekend!

I haven't gone to the museum. I NEED TO SKETCH YOU HEAR?!

There is a tote bag...Man I am a materialist.

Well Sponges that concludes our one-sided correspondence.

Hail The Pebble.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Breath of Fresh Air


I stepped out of the house for the first time in three days today. It was a result of a little 'disagreement' I had with my mother. So my friends and I went to The Spoon Food Court. About 3 hours went by there. We proceeded to Marine Drive then and voiced our opinionated views about things to each other.
My friend who is studying in the USA sent me two bags today. Makes up for certain lacking body parts for sure. They're AWESOME. Thank you friend!
So anyway, The Ways of Seeing came in the mail today! Woohoo! Tomorrow I go to the museum with my Staedtler pencils and artisticulate! FTW!

I was painting Bob's nails when I began thinking ( I know..miraculous eh?) are there people with fetishes for the retarded kind? This was the propsed topic of discussion when my friends and I gathered for a friendly exchange of words. The points discussed were.a) They cannot unbutton shirts b) They drool (though that may be an added bonus to some) c) The princes William and Harry have their suits washed in pea juice.

The other thing discussed was the issue of Megan Fox having "feet hands". Honestly this was a new venture for me. I have come across the terms 'man hands' and 'pixel hands' but never have I heard of 'Feet Hands'..Hence Megan Fox has hand doubles. You can read all about it here:

Third: The Nano Car catches fire on use. Once you use up a lakh of rupees worth of petrol it bursts into flame. An insurance policy of the manufacturers. In one incident the car caught on fire while exiting the showroom for the first time. Now that is a rip-off

Ok Who's Line Is It Anyway is on now.

Sponge Sponge lovelies!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Good Morning Children!

Did the electricity go out at anyone's residence yesterday? If it does in the near future (or distant one..either way wtv) NEVER light disk candles. It's the long and cylindrical way to go. The ladies will agree with me on that one.

The season finale of Castle was on yesterday. It was a cool case what with that whole spy game re-enactment and all. It's renewed for season three but I hope that's where it ends. If they push it for a fourth season they might lose their viewership and besides, three times the charm right?

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of Dawn Treader's trailer is out. It's just Lucy and Edmund this time. I'm on my third Narnia book now..sort of on par with the number of movies made. Makes me feel important. There are cameo performances from William Moseley and That Chick Who plays Susan. Ben Barnes is in this one as well FTW!

Now I have to do research on the brain. Bet you didn't know you had one. Yeah I didn't know you had one either.(please don't leave the blog! Give me dagger eyes when you see me next instead!)

I just downloaded CHUCK. It sounds interesting with it's Geek meets CIA agent angle. I will let you know about it once I'm done watching it.

I'm still waiting for The Ways of Seeing to come in the post. I even ordered Geektastic. But TWOS will come earlier.

AHH there is so much to do! And too much sloth in this world to make it happen!
I had this super weird dream about being locked up in this grocery store and having to escape. It'll make for a grossing horror movie one day.
That's all little sponges.


Darkside of the sun when The World is Mine

Tokio Hotel's new video FTW!
I don't really think it's a studio recording. It sounds more live because Bill's changing the notes somewhat. They should have CG animation videos now. All their videos tend to be about themselves. I'm sure they have a better imagination than that. In Bill we believe.
I think it's pretty clear that Bill Kaulitz can pull off just about anything that he wears. And that awesome motorbike at 2:40 is just AWESOME! Though Bill should really trash the idea of having dancing as a side career.

and Alex Day's newly released album! Congratulations!
The lyrics to his songs are pretty brilliant. The sort that contribute to the rise of gooseflesh.
Alex Day is very real. As opposed to being virtual and pixelated...he is an actual human being gasp! The simple piano background gives it a subtle plain white T's vibe blended with something...Paolo Nutini. And a beautiful finish I might add. The cracking in the voice gives it an emotional angle. One feels the need to hug a tub of chocolate ice-cream and consume it.
Also, this album of Alex's was produced by He wishes that you show him some love.

Meet Bob

I think I should introduce Bob to you before any delay. Bob is our house Butler and official bathroom renovator. Yoda is under the impression that Bob is a scratchpost. Bob tends to beg to differ.

Love it ahhhh

The Charlie McDonnell Duet with Myself T-shirt just arrived in the mail! Ah I'm so excited.
I had a rather mundane lunch yesterday. It was rather detached.

I awoke at 2 p.m. today. Do not judge me..I was up all night writing and vlogging and brainstorming

(did anyone notice the rhyme scheme?)
My friends and I have planned for a 3-movies-in-one-day marathon. It should go well. I hope.
My cat is now pawing at my toes. It's a gesture of 'give me food you f*ck'
That concludes this short-lived blog.
I shall be updating frequently.
Hail The Sponge.