Saturday, August 14, 2010

Farewell and back again

Greetings all! I am pleased to announce that The Daddy Blog has moved to Tumblr.
So view it and keep viwing it when it is updated.
If you are reading this I thank you for staying with The Daddy for so long.
Much love to you Sponges!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You don't need a license to drive a sandwich

It's always good to pursue one's passions. A passion is what keeps a person strong and devoted. A passion causes love and compassion..that's passion with a 'com'. Passions must be treated with care. Passions are the most important in our lives. They define us.One does a lot for one's passion (starting by referring to oneself as 'one')
That's why I woke up at 7.45 a.m. to watch The Spongebob SquarePants Movie.
Because that's when it was airing.
HBO lied and said that Hairspray would air next but then all they aired was The Shepherd.
But Spongebob was brilliant.
The brilliance of the TV series was retained while giving it a motion picture feel.
Do watch it!
I urge you.

Well it's 10.20 a.m. now....I think I'll go back to sleep

Hail The Sponge!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have to say that AfterShock "London" (yea right) has a brilliantly stupid policy about not allowing the customers to take pictures of themselves wearing their products inside the store.

But before the rotting-brained sales lady (or...) told me of this humongously ridiculous policy I had already captured the picture and when she did infact tell me about this atrociously idiotic policy, I told her I had deleted it. (But I really hadn't..SHH)

I just returned from watching Despicable Me. Everything about this movie is brilliant.Even the Tron Legacy Trailer in the interval. They play it for all the 3D movies.

The Minions are lovely. Agnes can grow fungus on her toes for all I care. But Vector is brilliant.

"Victor was my nerd name...I AM NOW VECTOR!" Sigh beautiful.

I want a SquidGun now.
You can get it too here..or other stuff

Dr. Gru is a CG animated version of Heinz Doofenshmertz..DOOF DOOF.

I am almost done reading Adventures in Wonderland. I love this edition that I'm reading. It has the original illustrations by John Tenniell (the guy who drew the original illustrations for Adventures in Wonderland). And yes it has a Lee DeWyze bookmark.

Tonight I shall paint the veins! (if you get this sentence you are me)

That is all I have to offer for your knowledge.

Goodbye Sponges!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chipped Little Toe In My Jazz Shoes

It was a beautiful morning. My parents left for the weekend. Me being the only child means I get the house all to myself( rubbing it in people-with-siblings' faces)...unless you count my good for nothing slightly manic depressive cat.
So my friend and I went around the city to shoot pictures of's for this project I have.
It was lovely.
I thought it wise to wear my jazz shoes today. They have a slightly higher heel than is normal..
my thoughts were not as wise as I thought them to be.

My phone is vibrating in all it's vibration glory.

Since Subway was filled to the brim with face stuffers we decided to let the crowd clear and went to Marks and Spencer which just happened to be in our line of vision. My dearest friend had her first thrilling experience of trying on a pair of GORGEOUS shoes. Here...tell her she looks fabulous in them please (so that I don't have to)

We went to Subway and had the most amazing food. Mine was brilliant anyway. My friend seemed to enjoy her's as well..with the finger lickin' and all..wait that's KFC..

After we were stacked up gastronomically..we went to buy button badges. You see I have this dirt stain on my Pride flag and am rather lazy to go and get it dry cleaned. Therefore, I had this idea to put on these rainbow-peace-smiley ones on it.

By this time my feet were bits of fluff.

Then we proceeded to Accessorize. There I saw this brilliant Union Jack bag which I can never have. That reminds me..I also saw a Union Jack poster which read 'Be Cool Stay Calm'.
Or something. It was pretty neat.
I think I will make this Union Jack Bag.

Then there was also love at Swatch and Sisley. The yellow skinny jeans at Sisley are on my radar now.

The Swatch love is a secret love. Shh.

Oh right and in the morning..before it all began(The beginning of time really), I wished to purchase this plain white canvas bag. It's an eco bag and a scarf comes free with it. Super awesome brilliant ecstatic deal for a mere rupees 180. But the shop was closed. It's like never reaching a climax when you know it's right there...
So guess what I bought instead..?

If you guessed this then we are thought twins

Then finally when all was done...I got my Eco bag. (with the free scarf)

Then it was time to edit edit EDIT!
Also time to refuel. It's essential.
Therefore it was Coffee Bean and Tea-Leaf.

I mentioned there being an LGBT sandwich at Coffee Bean..or if I didn't then I did..just now.
Honestly I'm very pleased with Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf for putting up a sandwich like this. It gets people to accept the differences in our society in a subtle way.

Well all in all it was a marvellous day. I haven't shopped till I dropped for a long time.
My friends filled with awesome are Juhi Pande and Rashmi Punjabi or Rashmi Punjabi and Juhi Pande.
You have no idea how much I suffer for mere name placements.

The following is an extra of all the brilliance that the Palladium is made of.

Hail The Sponge!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


The much coveted shades are bought.
*inhale deeply and exhale....slowly*
So I just wanted the yellow ones at first..but then I tried on the pink ones and those looked good too. So I decided to buy both. The logical and obvious choice of course.
Then as I proceeded further on the shopping avenue..or path more likely..I came across these turquoise blue glasses..LOVE
So there you have it. My materialistic sunglass fetish.
Oh and I had a very strange dream about someone..I'm not going to reveal who it was. You know..keep the mystery alive and all that.

I'm two stories in Geektastic now. It's pretty cool so far.
I shall go to purchase a new micro-wave oven today as the one I currently own is unfit for daily use.
Or something like that.
That is all I have to share.

Hail The Sponge!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Once a Geek..Always Aweosme

Guess what just arrived in the mail!!
I have been waiting for this for about a month now and it's finally here!
I can't believe it.'s a collection of stories by authors including John Green and Cassandra Clare.
I shall begin reading it now.
Hail The Sponge!

Leia in Vogue

The day has begun with sunshine =)
Yesterday I felt a tad bit vain so I decided to go to the salon to get a head massage and a hair wash.
First my hair was massaged in oil. Then I had to be put under a steam helmet or whatever those things are called and the attendants(yes they are called that..because minions is a rude word) put these black ear covers on my ears to protect from the steam which immediately transformed me into Princess Leia. HAIR MASSAGE STAR-WARS TRANSFORMATION FTW!!!
Then there was a hair wash. That was followed by a hair drying session.
It was beautiful.

Ofcourse the attendant kept on incessantly poking at my 'sideburns' and how they would grow thicker if I shave them. Someone needs to gently remind her that I AM NOT A MAN. Or not so gently perhaps....

I was reading The Age Issue of Vogue which sports Cameron Diaz on the cover. It has quiet lovely articles on keeping up with age the natural way. Because that takes real effort I think. (I DO!). There is also a lot written about the obsessive need to remain thin all the time. I'm doing a video about that sometime soon. It's a very strong topic I must say.

It's a Subway Salad for lunch today mostly!

That is all Sponges!!

Later <3
*thumbs up*