Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Leia in Vogue

The day has begun with sunshine =)
Yesterday I felt a tad bit vain so I decided to go to the salon to get a head massage and a hair wash.
First my hair was massaged in oil. Then I had to be put under a steam helmet or whatever those things are called and the attendants(yes they are called that..because minions is a rude word) put these black ear covers on my ears to protect from the steam which immediately transformed me into Princess Leia. HAIR MASSAGE STAR-WARS TRANSFORMATION FTW!!!
Then there was a hair wash. That was followed by a hair drying session.
It was beautiful.

Ofcourse the attendant kept on incessantly poking at my 'sideburns' and how they would grow thicker if I shave them. Someone needs to gently remind her that I AM NOT A MAN. Or not so gently perhaps....

I was reading The Age Issue of Vogue which sports Cameron Diaz on the cover. It has quiet lovely articles on keeping up with age the natural way. Because that takes real effort I think. (I DO!). There is also a lot written about the obsessive need to remain thin all the time. I'm doing a video about that sometime soon. It's a very strong topic I must say.

It's a Subway Salad for lunch today mostly!

That is all Sponges!!

Later <3
*thumbs up*

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