Thursday, August 5, 2010


The much coveted shades are bought.
*inhale deeply and exhale....slowly*
So I just wanted the yellow ones at first..but then I tried on the pink ones and those looked good too. So I decided to buy both. The logical and obvious choice of course.
Then as I proceeded further on the shopping avenue..or path more likely..I came across these turquoise blue glasses..LOVE
So there you have it. My materialistic sunglass fetish.
Oh and I had a very strange dream about someone..I'm not going to reveal who it was. You know..keep the mystery alive and all that.

I'm two stories in Geektastic now. It's pretty cool so far.
I shall go to purchase a new micro-wave oven today as the one I currently own is unfit for daily use.
Or something like that.
That is all I have to share.

Hail The Sponge!

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