Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have to say that AfterShock "London" (yea right) has a brilliantly stupid policy about not allowing the customers to take pictures of themselves wearing their products inside the store.

But before the rotting-brained sales lady (or...) told me of this humongously ridiculous policy I had already captured the picture and when she did infact tell me about this atrociously idiotic policy, I told her I had deleted it. (But I really hadn't..SHH)

I just returned from watching Despicable Me. Everything about this movie is brilliant.Even the Tron Legacy Trailer in the interval. They play it for all the 3D movies.

The Minions are lovely. Agnes can grow fungus on her toes for all I care. But Vector is brilliant.

"Victor was my nerd name...I AM NOW VECTOR!" Sigh beautiful.

I want a SquidGun now.
You can get it too here..or other stuff

Dr. Gru is a CG animated version of Heinz Doofenshmertz..DOOF DOOF.

I am almost done reading Adventures in Wonderland. I love this edition that I'm reading. It has the original illustrations by John Tenniell (the guy who drew the original illustrations for Adventures in Wonderland). And yes it has a Lee DeWyze bookmark.

Tonight I shall paint the veins! (if you get this sentence you are me)

That is all I have to offer for your knowledge.

Goodbye Sponges!


  1. When are you leaving, where are you going?

  2. Doofenschmertz evil incorporatedddd! :D

    Ooo I just bought Adventures In Wonderland + Through The Looking Glass from a car boot sale <3