Thursday, July 29, 2010

Certain Wraps and Marching Straps

It's sunny in the morning and I have a truckload of things planned out. But it's 2.48 pm now and that all gets washed down. Because IT'S RAINING! your after glow.

So a friend of mine asked me to go with him to buy his girlfriend's friend this birthday gift because his girlfriend was ill and he wanted to buy a really awesome gift because he wanted to get into both their pants.
That aside..instead of buying awesome stuff for her..which I pointed out..he refused all the ones that I chose...I ended up buying a marching band waistcoat for myself and a wrap.
Today I'm going to buy yellow Raybans because they are so brilliant and I couldn't resist them when I saw them...Oh here they are.

Tomorrow I hope to go and buy the rainbow badges to cover the dirt stain on my Pride flag.

The picture will be in the next post.

There is also this brilliant Tumblr that I discovered called . Feel free to join it as it is brilliantly satisfying as far as visual orgasms are concerned.

All in all it was a fabulous 6 hours of existence and still counting.

I shall go to the salon now for my eyebrows need to be urgently maintained.

Peace out Sponges.

<3 Awesomeness :D

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