Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crumble Town

The glucose biscuits I'm eating taste odd. It's probably the texture of my tongue.

VidCon is here! Almost.

Today my mother discovered an article in the paper that pointed out locations where one can purchase gumboots. And also a rainy-day trenchcoat. So shopping trip for that. (I love it when the materialistic tendedncies overtake me)

I still want the Wonka Glasses though..RayBan put them out of production after the Halley's comet was sighted in 1986.

I want to play Super Mario Galaxy.

Right. I Hate Luv Storys is a garbage dump of a film. Do not I repeat DO NOT submit yourself to torture while watching it.

Of all the themes they had to stick to the nauseating cliche of the film industry. Sonam Kapoor speaks in orgasms and Imran Khan's legs and posterior are the only things worth living for. Originality is highly lacking here among other things such as entertainment, talent and good looks.

If you watch it as an in-flight movie which by the looks of it should be available for viewing by next week at the most, do keep the barf-bag close by.

Apple Pie! I just need Maple syrup, Cinnamon powder and soft butter to make it.

I will this weekend!

I haven't gone to the museum. I NEED TO SKETCH YOU HEAR?!

There is a tote bag...Man I am a materialist.

Well Sponges that concludes our one-sided correspondence.

Hail The Pebble.


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