Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crunchy Flakes of Scorn

Today I was indoors. I refuse to set out in the rain. I hate the rain. Stupid rain.
I'm crunching on Kellog's Special K now and am reading The Ways of Seein by John Berger ( not becuase I want to but because I am COMPELLED to.)(Summer project)
I was stuck in the house for so long that I couldn't go to college for an audition.
cough. (and now I am sick.)
TOY STORY 3! I am finally going for it. The mother shall accompany me as none of my friends prefer to be seen in public with me. (for that particular movie)
The 5AwesomeGays got a mail suggesting that they recall their homophobic experiences.
ShoutOut to Izzy!: Love the fan-fic Fly-Pod! :D
Angelology is freakishly like The Mortal Instruments Trilogy books. The Bosch references, the division of the book into three spheres and most gorgeous of all THE NEPHILIM.
Read it yes? Great!
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Oh and just to keep in with the title of the blog post : Scorn.Crunch.
Later Sponges!

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  1. XXDDD! <3

    Toy Story 3 isn't out until the 19th over here :(


    P.S. I gots me a holiday now! So I shall (most likely, unless we get free internet) not be corresponding for a while! :) Bye bye Le :(