Thursday, July 22, 2010

His name is *POOF*

The most interesting aspect of a cube is that it is relatively uninteresting.

Yea I don't get it either.
Why would you find something that is, in fact NOT of interest (objectively) interesting in the first place?
Why can't you find buttons interesting? They hold together fabric...that is so cool.
I for one think buttons rule.

Apparently alteration and extension are two sides of the same coin. And if they ultimately mean the same thing then doesn't the coin become one sided? Paradox...makes you think..which is another paradox in itself.

The sky should urinate dry ice. Then we would have fog. Fog makes window panes look like winter wonderland portal..especially on weekends.


I need to do so many things and the rain is but the only hindrance..THE ONLY ONE!

I am critically analyzing a lecture at the moment. As exhilarating as that may is rather ...exhilarating. (No I did not learn that word mother taught it to me whilst I was cleaning the bed upon which my cat thought it wise to shed some fur)


That's all for now Sponges! Oh yea Charlie is recording an album to be released this year. WOOT right?


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